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How to Get More Local Trucking Jobs

If you visit any truckers forum on the internet one thing that becomes clear is that most drivers are looking to switch from long-haul trucking (OTR) to become local truckers. The thing is, at the start of your trucking career you might find it very exciting crossing states and seeing new places and meeting new people. However, with time this fascination ends and fatigue creeps in. More responsibilities especially family have to be attended to and doing it while driving 600 miles every day is not easy.

How to Find Big Truck Driving Jobs

Whether you have just obtained your commercial driver’s license (CDL) or you an old hand on the road there is no denying that finding a big truck driving job is a daunting task. For starters approaching the companies that have these types of vehicles in itself is smoothing job seekers fear. However, the good prospects in trucking should give you the courage to this.

What Should Your Trucking Job Salary Really Be?

Like with any career every new driver wants to know how much they will be making. After all, you have made an investment through a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and other qualifications you might have. Truth be told, starting out in trucking as a rookie can be tough in terms of the pay. You have to understand that on most on-hand jobs the experience matters a lot. The more experience a trucker has under their belt the better the pay.

How to Search For Trucker Jobs

Trucking jobs still remain popular in the U.S as the need to distribute goods across the country grows. With a globalized market there are more companies looking to deliver goods that have been ordered online. Traditional movers like Ups and FedEx are facing stiff competition as more transporters have entered the fray.

Can you make good money taking on Ice Road trucking jobs?

Trucking job opportunities are great since they expose you to new parts of the country you may have never visited before. This is an advantage that truck drivers enjoy. However, some of the road terrains that you will face might seem to be challenging. Opportunities to make more money in this kind of work are possible when you are assigned to transport cargo to risky places. The points below will give you some insight specifically for how rough terrain and ice road trucking might be worth the risk.

How to select a trucking firm that pays new driver better wages

Are you just starting a career in driving trucks? That is an impeccable move bearing in mind that trucking businesses are always hiring. However, the firms always pay lower wages to the new drivers. This is because their knowledge in handling the trucks is not tested. All new drivers have ambitions of getting better long term jobs. Thus, you should know how to make the best selections when researching new trucking companies to work for.

Guidelines For Finding A High Paying Trucking Company

With the countless companies engaged in the transportation and trucking business, people that possess the skills and knowledge of driving trucks are capable of getting these types of jobs. However, you will soon realize that trucking companies pay different wages for their employees. Your objective should be to secure a high paying, yet steady, job. Using the following guidelines you will be able to find a high paying company.

How to identify the highest paying trucking companies

Transportation business can be very lucrative since companies are always seeking ways of ensuring their products reaches there customers. This is the reason why there are a large number of trucking companies in America. People opting for job opportunities in trucking firms are lucky since transportation services are ever in demand. However, you will need to correctly evaluate the amount you will be paid by your employer by knowing how to identify a well-paying transportation company.

2017 Highest Paying Trucking Companies

Looking for the 2017 highest paying trucking companies? Most likely you a driver seeking to expand your horizon by exploring other available opportunities in the industry. Whatever the case you are experienced in all matters to do with traffic regulations and as such you should have no problem finding the right employer. However, it is not as easy as it sounds; there are millions of drivers to compete with and with globalization of the industry there are even more people to compete with.

Bendix Launches Online Trucking Industry Resource

Bendix has launched a new center of commercial vehicle information at its website, centered around a new multimedia center called the Knowledge Dock. The Knowledge Dock aims to help trucking professionals stay connected to the industry by providing updates on devlopements in truck operation, maintenance and safety. It also examines trucking trends and technology developments. It contains a growing list of videos, blog posts, podcasts and white papers from Bendix’s team of industry experts and features Bendix Tech Tips and video-based Tech Talks.

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