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Our Liability Insurance protects you in case you are being held liable for damage that your vehicle has done to another person or their property. This could be from an accident with another vehicle on the road or even with a building or in a parking lot. Our liability insurance will cover their damage up to your specified amount. This insurance is required by the FMCSA for damages up to $750,000 if you are operating under your own authority.
There are two major parts to Liability Insurance: Bodily Injury and Property Damage
Bodily Injury - If you are in an accident that resulted in killing or injuring another person, this will cover the expenses related to the accident.
Property Damage - If you are in an accident that resulted in the damage of property or if your vehicle has unintentionally damaged another person’s property, this will cover the expenses to repair or replaced the damaged property.
When signing up for a policy with liability, you will need to select amounts that will be your limit of what your insurance will cover in the event of a claim. Extra trailers may be charged additional fees in order to be covered.
Anyone who drives a vehicle is required to have liability insurance. It not only protects you, but it will protect other drivers and the general public as well.


Physical Damage is insurance that covers you in the event that your vehicle or equipment is stolen, is in a collision, or is otherwise damaged. It will provide coverage if your vehicle is damaged in an accident, fire, is stolen or in collision with another object.
There are two main types of coverage for Physical Damage insurance: Collision and Comprehensive
Collision - This insurance will cover you if your truck is in an accident with another vehicle or has collided with another object.
Comprehensive - This is insurance will protect you in the event that your truck has damages that were not caused by a collision. This may include fire, natural disaster or damages caused by towing or derailment. This coverage does not cover you if your damages are caused by mishandling of your vehicle and will not cover general wear and tear.
When you get comprehensive insurance, you will chose a deductible amount that will be the maximum you will pay before your coverage starts and up to a specified amount. We have a wide range of policies to suit your needs including low deductible policies so that out of pocket expenses can be kept to a minimum should you have an accident. You will choose your deductible when signing up for your policy. Just be sure to choose an amount that you can afford so you are not further burdened if you should have damages to your truck.
Even though the law may not necessitate comprehensive coverage, your lender may require it as part of your loan. If you own your truck out right then this coverage may be optional.


Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is coverage that will protect your cargo. This is liability insurance coverage that handles cargo that is in your possession whether or not your own it. It includes all cargo which you are carrying or storing that has been damaged, lost or stolen whether due to an accident, fire, or theft. It may also be referred to as motor truck cargo insurance.

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