Commercial Truck Insurance vs. General Truck Insurance

Driving long distances on a truck transporting large cargo can have its own set of risks. Even though you can learn some top tips for new and experienced truckers, having an ideal insurance is equally important.

To get a free quote in less than 60 seconds is easy with some of the top insurance companies. But it must be noted that there are two types of truck insurances. You can opt for any or both of them if you have a truck or are in the transport business. Commercial truck insurance and general truck insurance both are important for a trucker, but they have different purposes. Here are some key differentiating factors between these insurances:

Risk Cover

Commercial truck insurance basically covers any risk involved if you or any of your employees are driving your truck and meets with an accident or gets the vehicle damaged. General truck insurance, on the other hand covers any damages made to the public by your truck.

Financial Responsibility

In case of commercial truck insurance, there may not be a requirement to check for your financial status. But in the general truck insurance, it is mandatory for the insurance companies to validate if you can take financial responsibility as you will need to pay for the damage done to the public.


To operate a trucking company in the U.S.A, you will need to have general truck insurance as per the Federal law. This is the minimum coverage required by any trucking company as it mainly covers the public. If you have this policy, it is understood that you can handle any risk involved in operating a commercial truck company. However, a commercial truck insurance cover will only cover your expenses in case there is any damage to your truck due to the driver or otherwise.

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