How to Get More Local Trucking Jobs

If you visit any truckers forum on the internet one thing that becomes clear is that most drivers are looking to switch from long-haul trucking (OTR) to become local truckers. The thing is, at the start of your trucking career you might find it very exciting crossing states and seeing new places and meeting new people. However, with time this fascination ends and fatigue creeps in. More responsibilities especially family have to be attended to and doing it while driving 600 miles every day is not easy.

Leveraging Local Trucking Jobs

Luckily, research shows that indeed you can find local trucking jobs and still earn a decent income. The misconception that local drivers don’t earn enough is just that; a misconception. However, it is important to clarify that when talking of good pay in trucking this is relative and it all depends on where you live.  Issues such as cost of living in your city will determine how much you earn per hour.

Well, how do you get more trucking jobs in your home town? Here are some ideas:

  • The dump truck: This is a common feature on any construction site and it is a joy to drive. Dump trucks just load and deliver their materials and that’s it. You get paid hourly and there will always be work to do. Look up the local directories or do a local search on search engines.
  • Freight hauling: If there is an industrial park in your city then there must be freight hauling companies looking for drivers. The products being produced have to reach the market. As a driver you only concentrate on the wheel while loading and unloading is done by someone else. The pay is hourly and these trucks are more comfortable than OTR vehicles.
  • Movers: Homeowners and businesses are always moving and many movers have been setup to

There are other local openings in garbage trucking, bus driving and city trucking among others which can relieve you the pressure of long distance trucking.

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