How to Save on Physical Damage Truck Insurance

Usually most of the truckers use their entire lifetime savings to buy a truck. And if there is any physical damage to their truck it becomes difficult for them to replace it. This is where physical damage insurance comes into play.

Of course you can always easily get a free truck insurance quote in less than 60 seconds from But here are some tips that you can consider before deciding on which truck insurance coverage one is best for you:

  1. Collision and Comprehensive Insurance: In case of any collision insurance, the truck insurance will take care of any damages to your truck in case it collides with another vehicle or object. Under comprehensive truck insurance the insurance company will pay for any damage to your truck in case it gets stolen or has been burnt or destroyed. Choose the right insurance that you think will be more useful in your case.
  2. Valuation & Deductible: When getting truck insurance, it is important that your insurance agent provides you the quote which is on the basis of the value of your truck. He should have valued your truck along with considering the mileage, make, model and any upgrades you might have done. Ensure that you are not providing over valuation of your truck as your premium will also increase. Similarly if your deductible is on the higher side, your premium will be lower. But don’t raise it too much as you might not be able to meet it in case of any loss.
  3. Extra Coverage: While buying your truck insurance also check if you really need any additional coverage like one deductible for the truck and the trailer or coverage for any personal belongings, electronic items, chains or any binders, rental truck, increase of the towing limit etc. If not, then do not opt for them.

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