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How to Get More Truck Driving Jobs

Are you looking for a career where you will get to see pales and earn good money at the same time? Truck driving might not be your first priority but his only because you don’t have the right information about the profession. There are thousands of drivers enjoying the trade and it all starts with the appreciation of the opportunities this industry offers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor truck drivers are classified as operators of vehicles exceeding 26,000 pounds. You could be delivering goods, transporting passengers among many other functions. The bottom-line is that as a truck driver you will not only be on a learning journey but you will also have a solid source of income as the manufacturing industry blossoms. So how do you get more jobs? Here are some ideas:

Safety Advocates Worry New Semi Speed Limit Measure Could Stall

Highway safety advocates are worried that a government rule that would electronically limit speeds of tractor-trailers could be scuttled or ignored by the administration of President-elect Donald Trump. The rule proposed by two federal agencies would cap the speed of newly manufactured trucks at 60, 65 or 68 miles per hour. A public comment period ended earlier this month. Safety advocates had petitioned for it in 2006, saying it would make highways safer, and they were hoping it would be in place before the Obama administration leaves office in January.

Uber Freight Has Launched and Will Change the Trucking Industry

Uber has launched a website for a service called Uber Freight. Little has been revealed about the company’s expansion from ride-hailing, but if the announcements it’s made over the last year are any indicator, chances are good that Uber Freight is meant to prepare the world for autonomous delivery trucks. Uber acquired a startup called Otto, which planned to bring the first self-driving trucks to market, in August. Since then the company has used its trucks to deliver 50,000 cans of beer and hundreds of Christmas trees in San Francisco.

Are Walmart Trucking Jobs Worth It?

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world employing over 2 million people in the world. Among these are thousands of drivers who have helped the company build a reputation for punctuality and reliability. Since the 1960s when the store launched truckers have remained the backbone of the company both in distribution of products and delivery. If you are a driver looking for the best place to launch your career working for Walmart is the best decision you can ever make.

Trucking industry desires Republicans to roll back safeguard regulations

The trucking industry scored a victory this week when Republican lawmakers comfortably blocked Obama administration defense ideas aimed at retaining tired truckers off the highway. However there’s extra coming down the road. The American Trucking Associations is vowing to come back back subsequent month, when each the White condo and Congress can be below Republican manage, and seek to dam state laws that require extra relaxation breaks for truckers past what federal principles require. The association says there should be one uniform country wide rule on work hours for interstate truckers.

Trucking riders

Provisions related to rest and meal breaks for truck drivers may as soon as once more be into account for a short-time period spending bill. Cathy Chase, vice chairman of governmental affairs for the Advocates for highway and Auto defense, advised The Hill that the trucking policy riders are “within the mix” for anomalies that could be added to a carrying on with resolution (CR).

Trucking under Trump: Opportunities for hours reform, overhaul of FMCSA regulatory process

While the government's electronic logging gadget command is likely protected from obstruction from President-elect Donald Trump, Republican control in Washington gives the business seek after a slackened and more responsible administrative environment, industry bunches said lately. Online petitions, for example, this one from driver work application site TruckingUnlimited, mean to put a bug specifically into the new organization's ear about truckers' desires to "deregulate the trucking business." Organizers say they expect to record the request of with Trump's webpage.

Automation a threat, but not just yet, truckers say

The rapid development of driverless cars is no longer theoretical, and it has many whose profession is driving a vehicle concerned about their working future. Ronald De Feo has watched robots take factory jobs for years. Now he sees them threatening a new class of worker: People who drive for a living.

Trucking industry wants seat at self-driving table

The trucking industry is pushing for a seat at the table as new rules to allow self-driving cars to operate on U.S. roads are being developed. American Trucking Associations President Chris Spear said during an event at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday that “the lion’s share” of self-driving guidance recently released by the U.S. Department of Transportation focused on automakers.

Overtime rule block may benefit trucking

A preliminary injunction issued yesterday in a lawsuit filed by the National Retail Federation (NRF), attorney generals from 21 states and 50 business groups back in September blocked impending changes to federal overtime pay rules – and blocking that rule may benefit trucking as well. The contentious changes made by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) back in May to overtime pay rules mainly affected so-called “white collar” workers – some 3.9 million of them, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), though others say the number is closer to 4.2 million.

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